A Possible One-Stop Location For All Your Marketing Requirements Including Research.

If you are an individual, group, band, or business, Clear And Graphic is here to assist you to in bringing your interests to best public attention. We present numerous useful options to choose from, to suit many requirements. One or a combination of our available services can help you greater head in the direction you wish to be going.


Why Marketing Online Is Important!

An online location has become a basic requirement for most SME's, charities, education establishments, performance acts, comedians, DJ's and bands, etc. Basic internet fact today is, if you don't look to manage your internet presence, others will. Your clients and potential customers are right now online, social media talking and they can raise what you are involved in, by good word or bad. Social media has the ability to share such words and often additional graphics very fast. All this can be customer influential.

It is usually the unhappy ones that spread social media messages further and faster. This an unfortunate factor of internet usage. Left unchallenged, poor online presence or none at all, can have serious repercussions in reputation, finance and ability to positive market further. It's therefore vital that a better marketing presence is established as soon as possible. Many businesses have come to recognise this. Conducting the proper research beforehand will keep initial costs down as you discover non-viable aspects or viable ones which might enhance your own range of later services.

Today, for those businesses, a website is just not enough. You may have a site location but social media is the new 'word of mouth. Most word static or graphic locations don't provide social media ability. To market your business or something else, you need a more effective site combined with an active presence through additional social media. We conduct the research needed for you. We do this by using created test samples to research response times or if there is any interest at all in various proposed projects by businesses or individuals considering starting up. Others also may wish to enhance their already established range of services. Clear And Graphic can cater to both proposed situations and more.

Combined with additional services we can provide, Clear And Graphic can solve a lot of troublesome research issues along with additional offline and online issues to be regular administered or one-off addressed.


Marketing At National And Local Level.

Are you a business, charity, entertainment service provider or individual that needs to learn how to market yourself,  your enterprise, etc, but do not know where to start and with what? Clear And Graphic can give you the specific lessons you need to increase numbers in  many ways - not just financial one directly but also indirectly through increasing media exposure to the public, business to business or interactions with each.


The Initial Outlay.

To gain the sought better presence, can be time consuming - that's where Clear And Graphic step in. With online marketing you, your products and services enables you to reach possible customers with a far lesser out lay than traditional newspaper advert, leaflet, poster media. It can be cheaper and more importantly, more accurate in seeking out those new or repeat customers. There are additionally no geographic borders on social media and the internet. Decide your message then decide where you want to go.

Clear And Graphic can make your reach better happen. From conducted market research, service test samples and created additional media, specialised display screen-savers, web creation, content insertion, web optimisations, teaching and more - we look forward to better defining your message, then advancing it. If you have something to say or show - do in the best light possible. Make it happen in the best affordable way. Make it Clear And Graphic!

Additional Services

Website Content

Attract new and returning visitors to your location through managed regular posted content.

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Professional teaching can have a dramatic effect on gaining greater output. Up-skill and benefit.

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Logo Creation

Creation of attractive visual graphics is very important to getting your message out there.

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EBook Covers

Ereaders are now a common device. Make your publication attractive with an inviting cover.

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Website Creation

We can get you started on the web or improve your visible presence to your better gain.

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Video Creation

The use of video for Facebook, Twitter etc, is a more effective way to get your message out.

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