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Necessary Presence

Many businesses and self-employed, and even elected representatives, have realised that an on-line presence now, is a vital necessity. Many however don't either have the time or the skill-set to see such items come about. This is where C&G can greatly step up and assist.

Having created your on-line presence, a separate ability of C&G, with hired retention of our services, your presence would continue to be enhanced on a regular basis by C&G.

Your site locations would be updated on a regular basis according to your specified preferred content. We can offer a number of suggestions which would help to keep visitors returning on a regular basis to your site.

Website Additions

Running an individual business is a time consuming and stressful enough job. Seeking a greater on-line presence but not having the skills to create it or time to learn how to do it, managing an already existing business can be enough. With the retention of C&G, further worries about your on-line existence can be a weight taken off already burdened management or owner shoulders.

Suiting to your needs and financial ability, C&G can create content creation and upload it to your web location according to factors arrived at previously, by communication with C&G. Six month or year terms are on offer, to maintain this service. We welcome longer contract periods as these allow C&G to also build up a sense of what clients are about in ambition and aiming for regarding a business reputation. This, then can be further better put across in output, online. The better a web location is portrayed, the higher rate of click through to a sales point.

Clear And Graphic is able to design your new website or enhance your present one. Have a website that is too complicated for visitors to make their way around or too slow for slower systems to load - including mobiles - and the chances are that your visitor will click away to another alternative site.

We can assess your site and find where visitors have been visiting before moving away, to seek your possible competitors. Using modern technology, we can then make the changes necessary in order to overcome any number of issues that might have previously arisen.

C&G can not only help build your online location but far greater enhance it with clear text and graphic, combined at times also, to further attract greater viewing and return visits by others previously.


We cannot stress enough that regular content creation for web locations, is vital. In the case of websites on the internet outside of Facebook and Instagram, etc, regular content creation not only helps to bring new a revisiting numbers to a site but it also helps a very important component of online existence - that being "Search Engine Optimisation" - otherwise known as "SEO".

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